2019 Recap

January – this was my first trip of the year to Atlanta with my best friend Keyonna in PLANS to go to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, but it was unfortunately sold out on the day we decided to go. We still made a nice little weekend getaway trip from it and I since I lived in Dallas, I don’t get to see her as much as I use to. Hypebae also reposted the last photo above + it was my first on their page so that was also kind of exciting haha

February – since we still lived in Frisco, there were some places we wanted to try out and Milky Treats was one of them! It reminds me much like Kith Treats because of the cereal + ice cream combo, but great for me because I didn’t have to travel too far to get my fix 😛 we also visited the Jeremy Scott exhibit at Dallas Contemporary + it was free! And they also had another set up on the opposite side with different colorful walls you could choose for photo opps.

March – I started getting more campaign opportunities/brands reaching out to wanting to work with me when I moved to Dallas and I’ve always thought it wasn’t possible for me. WELL YA GIRL WAS WRONG. Dallas truly opened doors for me (social media wise) and this was the month Forever 21 and frank body wanted me to post for them on Instagram. They were unpaid, but I was just excited that known brands like these 2 noticed my work. And I’ve learned that you will have to do A LOT of free work in the beginning.
Check out how I styled the items from Forever 21 here.

April – COACHELLA, COACHELLA, COACHELLA! Honestly probably the most exciting thing that happened this month tbh lol this was my 2nd year going and still sad that I didn’t get to see JUSTIN BIEBER & FUTURE on Weekend 2 T_T but it’s okay because JB just announced he’s going on tour with Kehlani and Jaden Smith so you KNOW I’m in there! It’s really hard to describe Coachella unless you actually go and experience yourself. There are highs and lows, but that never stops me because I’ll be there again this year for Weekend 2 *upside down smile*
I told myself I need to be comfy with my outfits this year cause boy my feet were dead after these shoes.

May – this month was kind of exciting and eventful because we drove back home to see one of our oldest friends graduate from college (pictured in the first photo) and also just to see family/friends of course 😉 I was then asked to join a women’s empowerment shoot by a local Dallas photographer (who was really sweet) and it was a really memorable experience with such diversity. I THEN got my first PAID campaign this month which was suuuuuuper exciting for me because they day had finally came! And I got to do it with the 2 closest people to me. You da real MVP, Keds.

JuneBIRTHDAY MONTH! We didn’t do anything extravagant this year, only took some time off of work and relax. We got our nails done, ate some sushi and went to the spa – which was enough for the both of us. We got so exhausted from work that we didn’t feel the need to travel anywhere + Dallas had everything we needed in one place. June is also known for Pride month, so we got to experience our first pride parade which was pretty cool to see. TULA was also having an event to announce a new skincare item + primer and this was actually my first event as an ‘influencer’ that I’ve been invited to – anything is possible y’all! I finally got to experience what I always see on social media for others and of course I brought Nelle as my +1 lol and lastly, the same photographer I mentioned previously asked if I wanted to be apart of a styled shoot she was apart of and the pictures came out better than I could have ever imagined!

July – along with getting paid campaigns and invitations to events – I could add restaurant openings/reviews to my list as well! Bellagreen will forever hold a place in my heart (and stomach) for letting them be my first foodie gig. Plus they were up my alley with this delicious burger + fries meal that I can never get tired of. If you’re ever in Dallas, please check them out – you won’t regret it!

August – this was another exciting month where I was invited to the opening of 29 Rooms in Dallas and since I had a +1, I invited one of my closest friend I’ve met in since moving to Texas, Trenae. She’s not much of a social media person so I don’t post with her much, but we really just enjoy each other’s company when we’re together. She has challenged me in the best way possible, believed in every dream or aspiration I spoke of and has been there for me through everything. I love her with my whole heart and miss our Tuesday hangouts D’: I also traveled to NYC with my 2 friends, Ebony and Chris for about 3-4 days and this is when I knew I wanted to make the move. It was kind of in the air for some time, but I was starting to feel stuck in Dallas and just wanted a change of scenery. Once I got home, I started looking at apartments hardcore – literally almost every day.
You can also see the video I decided to create for 29 Rooms here.

September – Keke usually visits us like once a year so she was finally due for a trip lol she flew in for about 4-5 days and we just did what we always do – shot some content, ate, shopped, caught up and hood rat things when possible. I got invited to try out Fireside Pies and since she was coming in town, she was my +1. You learn that you always need a second person to get the shots you can’t lol I still have footage from that time she was in Dallas, so super late vlog coming soon *face palm*

October – another time where I was invited to a restaurant opening at Chubby Cattle Dallas! It was a conveyer belt sushi + hot pot experience which is something I’ve always wanted to go to so definitely check it out if you’re in the area because I want to go back and try different items on the menu. I also went to the fair (on the last day it was open) and we were able to get in free because people leaving were offering to give us extra tickets they had! So we just paid for food and a couple of rides lol it was also one of our best friend’s birthday from back home on Halloween so we went to a bar called Playground Bar where there had an arcade upstairs to enjoy for the inner child in everyone.

November – brands usually push a bunch of campaigns towards the end of the year/holidays since they have leftover money and need to use it basically lol so I got a couple of brand deals to round out the year with Kay Jewelers and a clothing brand called R.G. Kane. Two of these were shot in the same day – can you tell which ones? 😉 we also made the drive back home for Thanksgiving to spend time with family since we knew we weren’t going to be able to make it for Christmas.

DecemberWE MADE IT TO THE END! This was probably the most exciting of them all because it was when I found out I got accepted into FIT! I applied back in October and was on a forum with other students that applied to get daily updates if they got their acceptance letters or not – yeah, it was that serious. It must have been in the mailbox when we were gone for Thanksgiving because I literally checked it the next day we came back and all I saw was CONGRATULATIONS on the packet and instantly got excited! If you got this picture, you were important to me because I have been talking about it to numerous people for the LONGEST! And I already had a trip to NYC planned for a week to look at possible apartments because my mind was set on moving there whether I got accepted or not. Although I did find a few places, it was more of a window shopping experience since I was still paying on the apartment back in Dallas. It was just good to know that there are reasonable priced apartments out there, but the best time is always when it’s cold. After I came back, our brother was in town for Christmas Spectacular where he performed with his school that he travels literally around the world for. He’s more busy than I ever was in college so it was good to see him do what he’s always gone for.

Although I mentioned highlights of each month, I was pretty depressed for half of the year which is never a great feeling. I kind of got stuck for longer than expected, but I was able to pull myself out of that dark place and so can you. I’m grateful for the company I kept around me and always check on your friends – you never know what they’re going through. I didn’t think I did much last year, but going through my camera roll brought back so many memories and reminded me of all the great things I did/accomplish. This was such a nice stroll down memory lane and can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for me.

I’m currently in NYC as I type this and still can’t believe it – SO STAY TUNED!


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