Goodbye Winter

I’m so sad that winter is coming to an end 🙁 it’s always my favorite season that comes around because of the layering, coats, and boots!! But mostly just the option of layering and to me, clothes are more stylish around this time. It gets scorching in Alabama, so when spring and summer rolls around…. you can only wear maybe one or 2 pieces of clothing before you die of a heat stroke. Sweating is also just not my thing and if I had a choice of staying inside, I definitely would. But at least we get more sunlight! Which means no more rushing when it comes to filming or taking pictures lol

  And have y’all heard about NastyGal closing down?! Even though they were SO expensive, I enjoyed just going on their website for inspiration. It reminded me of Revolve in a way, but more on the edgy side which I LOVE! They always had some of the most unique pieces that I couldn’t find anywhere else and I’m just so sad it’s gone now 🙁 I was wondering why they had a massive sale on their entire website, but I just thought they were clearing out for the new season lol until someone confirmed on a vlog I was watching on YouTube. Boohoo basically bought them and NastyGal still has their website handle, but it’s Boohoo clothes?….if that makes sense.

The only reason I brought up NastyGal is because that’s where I got this jumpsuit from for a really good price. I’m falling in love with this olive/army green color and definitely need more in my wardrobe! Since it’s still kind of chilly, I paired it with this striped longsleeve and my Rihanna x Fenty Sneaker Boots that I can’t get enough of D: I know they make my feet look kind of big, but I love the style and platform.

Also, my hair wasn’t cooperating so instead of just putting it in a boring bun like I always do .-. I asked Nelle to add these two braids. I’ve seen braids in so many different styles for a good while now and I’m glad they’ve made a comeback. I use to wear braids like no other back in middle school and I just stopped after high school because it really wasn’t a thing anymore. BUT BOY HAVE THE TIMES CHANGED!

THIS IS MY FINE A** FRIEND GEORGIE! *heart eyesx1930569*

She makes it look so easy……like H O WWWWWWWWWWWW?! But Georgie was the one who originally wanted pictures for an upcoming blog and we just so happen to be wearing the same color x] so why not take pictures together?! It wasn’t an option really. I’ll link everything when it becomes available! It should be in April somewhen.

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  1. RICKY Rivers
    March 23, 2017 / 10:10 PM

    always stylish and hot from look books to photoshoots

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