These shoes remind me so much of the 90’s it’s CRAZY! I was so excited when they re-released them because I’ve seen them floating around on Instagram and I needed them in my life. I was actually driving to work when they released last Thursday and got them as fast as I could…. whoops. 🙃 I do not condone this behavior…BE SAFE OUT THERE KIDS! It’s just something about them that stood out to me + how they have the 3M strips that go around it. Nonetheless, these shoes are very comfortable and it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Sneakers that release now-a-days I’m not too impressed with so I’m never excited to cop the next release. My all time favorites shoes are my Royal and Bred 1’s and then all the 11’s I have that release around Christmas time. Other than that, I usually just get adidas shoes when they release because they have really nice shoes that have been dropping lately! So shout out to them for taking my money lol

And since the temperature keeps rising, crop tops are about to be my go to. But since I don’t have a summer wardrobe, this sports bra will do just fine. I’ve also had these joggers for some months now and just randomly pulled them out and thought…. “I think grey on grey can work.”


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