California Love

This post is longggggggg overdue, but I guess you could say I took a small break from my blog and Instagram because I was feeling uninspired to post. (and also because it is very hot down here in Alabama so I’ve tried to avoid the heat as much as possible and stay indoors) But ya girl is back and ready to create content again!

I know we all get into ruts where we don’t want to do what we’re most passionate about because we don’t think we’re doing enough to get where we want to be, or even just doing our best, and give up. I get like this a lot but I have to remember that everybody’s timing is different and I only want to put out content that I am proud of.

Most days I don’t even want to do my makeup or throw together an outfit because “what’s the point?” But for me personally, when I look my best – I feel the best. Not saying that you have to go that extra mile to feel confident in yourself, but every now and then doesn’t hurt.


I tried something different from my usual style (which would be a sneakers  look) and switched it to a more casual/simple look and threw on some boots. I would say this is more of Keyonna’s style – California casual. I’m not opposed to it, but you definitely won’t see me dressed like this often. And these were actually all pieces from her closet lol

This was also a new location we shot at downtown and I just enjoyed the pastel colors that were surrounding the area. It’s definitely summer appropriate, but we literally went when the sun was fully OUT and I was running to shade every chance I got. This summer heat ain’t playin’ y’all and I’m OVER IT entirely. Where’s fall/winter at? I’m ready to wear the many coats/jackets I have taking up too much space in my closet.



↓ o u t f i t d e t a i l s ↓

Tee – Brandy Melville

Bottoms – Thrifted

Boots – Nordstrom

Shades – na-kd


Never feel like you’re not good enough or can’t do something because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and where they are in life. I get into this thought process and believe me, it makes you feel very small, but I have to look at it as it probably took them a hot minute to get where they are and they were probably feeling the same way in the beginning.

I believe if you surround yourself with people that uplift you, encourage you and help you reach your goals in life – you have a good foundation and it can only help you be strong through it all. Not everyone wants to see you fail and there is always a corner of people on your side silently cheering you on waiting for you to succeed. Waiting for the next big thing and you can’t let them down 😉

And if you couldn’t tell by now, I was missing an earring and I didn’t realize this until after I looked at the pictures. *face palm* It fell under the seat in the car when I was changing.


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