COACHELLA – Weekend 1

Friday, April 13th

First thing’s first, we landed at LAX and rented a car to drive to Joshua Tree, CA, where our Airbnb was located. Since our flight landed so early at 10AM, we decided to stop by Urth Cafe to grab some food and also find a bandana before we hit the road for 2 hours. If you’ve never been to Urth Cafe, I highly recommend getting the chai tea blended boba if you’re really into chai like I am OR if you’re feeling a different flavor, I’ve heard the matcha green tea boba is good as well!

Our Airbnb was just enough space for two people and it came with everything we needed for the weekend. There were two queen beds, a small kitchen/dining area, living room right next to it and one bathroom. That may not sound like a lot, but we were only here to sleep and get ready. I adored how the place was decorated with small touches like the two guitars located in different areas and it definitely gave me a western vibe.

But we didn’t realize how FAR our Airbnb was until we had to make that hour drive to and from the festival everyday. So that meant we had to get ready extra early to catch the people we wanted to see each day and get back home later way than expected. And since it was just me and Andre, we didn’t want to spend a fortune just to have somewhere to sleep so I shopped around to find somewhere cheap to stay.

This was the makeup look I went for on the first day! I got the jewels from Micheal’s for less than five dollars, the NYX Vivid Brights EyeLiner in “Blossom” and a NYX white liquid liner. I knew I wanted to “look the part” for Coachella and go out of my comfort zone and try a few things I’ve never done before for a festival. Most of the time I just gravitate towards my normal makeup routine and go about my day, but you can’t be just normal for Coachella, right?

Earrings | shopnin3

Choker | fashionnova

Lip Combo | MAC “Nightmoth” Lip Liner + Limecrime “Wicked” Liquid Lipstick

Look #1

I bought these pants from ASOS early on in the year because I knew I wanted to wear them for Coachella as soon as I saw them online. Don’t they just s c r e a m Coachella to you? Because that’s how I felt and I couldn’t pass them up! The struggle was trying to find a top to go with them. I knew I either wanted white or rainbow because I felt like those two would go better with this mauve color. I found this top at Pacsun less than a month before and I grabbed it so fast because this was exactly what I’ve been searching for that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We got to the festival around 6PM after it took us 45 minutes to find the free day parking lot + walking an extra mile to get into the actual festival. My Fenty sneaker boots probably weren’t the best options to wear, but I know for next year to wear more comfortable shoes. We saw performances by Daniel Caesar, SZA and The Weeknd.

Saturday, April 14th

Day 2 – we kind of got into the swing of things and knew what to expect because this was both our first time, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Of course Day 1 was a long because we traveled AND went to the festival the same day….which I now know why people come on Thursday instead. But this day was also going to be long as well because we were literally out there for 12+ hours. Half blazing, hot sunlight during the day time and half cool, refreshing air during the night. This might have been the hottest day of the weekend with a whopping 95 degrees and that sun was not.a.joke. You definitely had to stay hydrated or find some shade throughout the day or you would pass out with a heatstroke. But living in the south during the summer time is about the same, so we weren’t that affected by it. There were plenty of spots to grab refreshing drinks like strawberry lemonade or if you had a sweet tooth for ice cream, they had it all. Along with the dozens of different eateries from vegan to a good ole greasy slice of pizza.

Look #2

This was one of my last minute grabs for outfits because I waited so last minute to figure out what to wear. This dress was on sale at H&M for $ 1 5 and I didn’t have anything else so I just went ahead and bought it. I knew the longsleeves were probably going to be a mistake, but I took a risk anyways because it was mesh. It’s suppose to be a midi dress, but I thought it was more suited to my body if I made it a mini dress. I just tucked it in the front and back, since there was a small slit on the side, for a temporary fix and just for the sake of taking pictures 😉

As for the fishnet tights, I already owned a pair and I borrowed the black booties from Keyonna. Since the dress was the main attraction, I went simple with everything else. Even the tint of my shades went well with this outfit and I’ve had these in my collection for months now.

The reason we made it to the festival so early was because I wanted to see Chloe x Halle at 1:50, but we ended up missing them D; which I was kind of bummed about but you quickly realize that you may not see everyone you want and that’s okay. But we did see performances by Alina Baraz, blackbear, small portions of Snakehips and Tyler the Creator, and ,of course, Beyonce. I’m not a hardcore stan for Beyonce, but she honestly never disappoints and I didn’t expect anything less from her. With special guests of her husband Jay-Z, her sister Solange, and Kelly and Michelle for a mini Destiny’s Child reunion, my night ended on a H I G H.

Sunday, April 15th

By Day 3, we were worn out and really didn’t want to see anyone until 5:45 which was Cardi B. So me and Andre woke up about 11AM and went and grabbed some food and sweatpants for him to wear to the festival since it gets cool at night and he didn’t bring any pants. We also scooped our friend India and spent time with her while we were doing some running around before we got ready for the festival. We tried meeting up with her for the past two days and it just never happened. Trying to meet up with someone at a festival can be tricky because there’s barely any signal or just way too many people to look through.

Shades | ASOS

Top | Dollskill

Look #3

Before we knew it, it was almost 5 o’clock and I still had to get ready because I thought I was going to have time when we got back. It ended up being 7PM when I finished getting ready and I literally took these pictures outside of our Airbnb because I knew it would be dark by the time we got there. We ended up missing Cardi AND Migos which I was also pretty bummed about because those were two performances that were at the top of my list.

But nonetheless, this was favorite outfit of them all so I had to get some pictures in it. It gave me a 90’s matrix vibe and I was into it. These i.amgia. pants were definitely the star of the show so why not go all out with a neon top to make it even more badass!

Overall, it was an experience that had it’s high’s and low’s, just like everything else, but one to remember for sure.

R E M I N D E R F O R N E X T Y E A R :
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Go with a big group of people
  • Find somewhere closer to stay
  • Look for outfits way in advance
  • P A C K L E S S

I hope my experience helps you guys out if you ever plan on going because this was a lesson for myself as well. I came in with an open mind because this was one of THE festivals I’ve never been to. Music festivals are pretty all the same, but not this big. I do plan on attending next year with everything that happened this year in mind and making it an even better experience!

I also tried vlogging throughout the weekend, so make sure to check out my playlist! I started off really strong in the beginning, but it kind of went downhill from there lol but A for effort, right? SUBSCRIBE AS WELL <3


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