Color for the Summer

What better time to wear color than in the summer time?! I know I’m not much of a color-wearer myself, but when summer hits I like to explore my taste with colors I’ve never tried before. When I saw these slacks in H&M, the color just stood out amongst the others to me and it was the last one in my size (it was meant to be). SO OF COURSE I GOT THEM!

These set of pictures are both from our second and third day in New York (if you couldn’t tell from the background) and the most colorful. Since I didn’t get that many pictures as I did the first day, I decided to combine these photos all into one post.

If your wardrobe is more neutral and basic (like Nelle’s) then I suggest just grabbing one article of clothing that’s a pop of color. As you can tell, my orange slacks are the only stand out piece while I have my normal black, white and nude palette for the rest of my outfit. You can easily look at a color wheel and color block, which is basically selecting a color and then look on the opposite side for the coordinating color.

 So blue would coordinate with these slacks really well, especially a royal blue, or you can go as bright as you want and even wear it with yellow. Wear whatever color your heart desires…. if you think it looks good then by all means… GO FOR IT.

There are no rules to fashion. 

And for me, I definitely wear whatever makes me feel good or looks good in my eyes and that’s all that matters. Even if you feel a million eyes staring at you, as long as you feel confident… WHO CARES!


This outfit pictured above made me feel so badass. If you haven’t noticed, flames have been everywhere since this past fall. So when I saw these on ASOS, it was love at first sight! Normally you would see just a black clothing item with the orange/yellow flames, which is probably more fitting for my wardrobe, but blue is also my favorite color lol I paired it with my yellow ‘honey’ tee to kind of coordinate with the flames on my pants and tied it all together with my all time favorite shoes at the moment. I never realized that grey shoes can go with so many colors until I started pairing it with almost all my outfits xD


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  1. Ambragio
    June 20, 2017 / 8:30 PM

    Those outfits are so badass!!!! Definitely adding some color to my wardrobe!

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