Easy For Summer: Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are probably the easiest (other than dresses) to throw on during the summer because it is one piece already laid out for you! You look put together without even trying and who doesn’t love that?! Sometimes I do not have time to think about putting together an entire outfit when I’m in a rush, especially if they’re last minute plans, and it can be worn during the day or night. Stripes have also been a long-time favorite of mines, so of course this piece from the Who What Wear Collection sold at Target had to be mines. The material isn’t too heavy, so perfect for this warmer weather.

This was back at the beginning of the year (around February) so it was still a bit chilly outside, but the sun warmed me right up! And I will always go back to my monochromatic looks because it’s always a safe choice when putting together an outfit. Even if you aren’t an expert at this whole fashion thing, I believe anyone can pull off black or white as long as you style it the best way you feel comfortable. As you can see, there are small hints of yellow/orange stripes in the jumpsuit and the gold hardware on my bag and earrings coincide well with it. And it’s just small details like that you can tackle to have a cohesive look.

White heels/sandals have been EVERYWHERE recently and I think I’m obsessed lol they’re so classy and can go with almost any look and I also think they keep an outfit very clean. I got these pair of heels from Topshop around Christmas time last year and I pull them out every chance I get! I really enjoy the pointy toe trend as well because even though it makes my foot look longer, I still appreciate the “boss lady” vibe they give off. They are unfortunately out of stock, but I have linked some similar pairs below Topshop has recently in stock. (:

So this was the look I went with on our birthday (JUNE 11TH – GEMINI SZN) and it was literally a last minute decision lol I wanted to go all out and wear something extravagant, but it’s also scorching outside and I just wanted to be comfortable. This is also another piece from the Who What Wear Collection and I’m really obsessed with the color and the light weight material. It came with a belt to match, but I just replaced it with my Off-White belt to bring a different color into the look. And since it is a neutral color, I think it matched perfectly with what I was going for.

Instead, I decided to change up my hair and try out this barrette/clip trend that is going around like hotcakes right now and I must say….now I see why. First of all, it gets my hair out of my face and then also can change up a look real quick. Imagine it without the clips. Right, I don’t think I would want it that way either lol I got this pair from Urban Outfitters for $14, but you can also check Amazon for cheaper options and also bigger packs.

Photos by Shanelle Hope


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