First Time in Miami

This was our first time in Miami for the Rolling Loud music festival and I must say, it was quite the experience. The music festival was nothing new really…..lots of people, beer, smoke, sweat, etc. all to see their favorite artists. The artists we wanted to see performed near the end of the night so we didn’t really get to the festival until about mid day all three days. We saw Wayne on the first night, Kendrick Lamar the second night and then Gucci Mane, YG, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Future the last night. We learned from the first night that it’s best to leave when you know the set is about to end because we were surrounded by so many people all going the same way trying to exit the festival. It also took us over two hours to try to find a Lyft driver and make our way back to the hotel.

And as much pictures we wanted to take, this was the only day we got a couple lol we basically let time get the best of us and we weren’t able to snap pictures like we wanted to. We didn’t leave the hotel until like after 12PM everyday and by the time we figured out where we wanted to go, grabbed us something to eat and paid for our food, it was time to head to the festival. And we just didn’t want to carry Nelle’s DSLR camera in there and something happen to it. Better safe than sorry, right?

But as for everything else… have to be prepared to spend at least $100 or more everyday. That’s mostly for your food and transportation if you decide to uber or Lyft your way around. Finding parking is usually very hard to find near the South Beach area, and strip in general, and traffic can get really backed up too. We were very ill prepared because we didn’t know what to expect, but nonetheless, it was still a great time!

This was our first day in Miami when we had the whole day festival-free so we decided to go to the pool and get us some fire swimsuit shots! I didn’t really like most of them because ya girl did not go to the gym beforehand and my hair just wasn’t cooperating lol but here’s a couple that I could tolerate.

If you would like to see live action of what we did in Miami and also my outfits and what we got up to, make sure to check out my vlog below! Much more detailed than this blog post lol


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  1. Ambragio
    May 19, 2017 / 10:45 AM

    OMG I love the Hope Twins!!!! They’re so awesome.

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