Follow Me Around: Dallas, TX

Me & Keyonna decided to visit Nelle in Texas a few weeks before we went because we had alot of off days from work so we said “Hey, why not?!” But since it was so last minute, flying wasn’t an option because of ticket prices so we drove instead. We left around 4AM on a Friday morning and made it to Dallas about 3PM. We wanted to make it there while it was still daylight so we could go around and explore, eat at new places and also take some photos. Needless to say, I definitely needed a nap when we arrived because that felt like the longest drive of my life. I just wanted to relax until Nelle got off around 5 and then we would go around with her so we could all be together. She bought one of these papasan chairs from someone off Facebook Marketplace and I knew I wanted to snap a few pictures on it just casually lol

Tee – H&M

Pants – Brandy Melville


📍Internet Cafe 2

Our first stop of the trip was Internet Cafe 2 because we all saw this place on Instagram and it’s definitely one of those “instagrammable” coffee shops. The color scheme and the way it was set up (even the bathroom) was a photo opp and I was here for it. I got my regular order of an iced chai latte because it’s my go to at every coffee place, even Starbucks, since I’m not big on coffee itself.

If you ever do want to go in there for a photoshoot, it’s $20. We didn’t expect that but we also respect it cause that’s a smart way to earn extra money as well. But split that with a group of friends and that’s nothing!


Photos by : @visualsbymichelle | @michellekhxn
Tee – NA-KD
Pants – Brandy Melville
K E Y O N N A ‘ S O U T F I T
Tube Top – Urban Outfitters
Trousers – H&M
N E L L E ‘ S O U T F I T
Tee – Forever 21
Trousers – H&M

📍Good Records

We were suppose to be on the road back home this day, but since I didn’t work until the following day at 5 we decided to stay an extra day. It was a Monday so Nelle was at work so me & Keyonna just did some exploring on our own. We ran across this record shop that had vintage vibes and also very colorful, so of course we took a few pictures in here.

It’s starting to get a little warmer so I decided to throw on my thrifted Harley Davidson tee I snagged a week prior in a 2XL and wear it as a t-shirt dress and some cycling shorts underneath. Popped on some fancy socks with my vans and there’s my pretty chill outfit for the day.

Tee – Thrifted Harley Davidson
Socks – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Flame Vans


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