Goodbye, Cold Weather

Texas really has been playin’ me with this bi-polar weather right now and I’m not sure how to feel about it lol it’ll literally be 30-40 degrees during the week and then 50-70 degrees on the weekends OR it’ll be raining all week and then sunny on the weekends. And I thought Mobile’s weather was bad, but Texas has them beat because I can’t seem to catch a break D: because I never know what to wear….????

S/S is quickly approaching us so I thought I’d throw it back with a F/W look that hasn’t been posted on here yet (along with many others) – but I’m working on them! This was definitely around the holidays because of the lights in the background, but also one of my favorite looks. I feel like it’s a nice, modern look with a twist of street style. I’ve had this sweater and skirt from H&M for about 2 years now and I would consider them as staples in my wardrobe because I feel like they’re both timeless pieces. Sweaters will never go out of style, and I don’t think midi skirts will either, but they’ll always come back if  they do.

I know the Off-White industrial belt isn’t too much of a trend anymore, and I knew I never wanted to get the yellow one everyone else had, so I grabbed this light cream color instead because I figured I would be able to wear it with any outfit or color because of it’s neutral color. And it’s not so in-your-face, but more subtle instead. You probably wouldn’t have known it was the branded belt unless I took a close up shot or only if I mentioned it and I kind of like that aspect as well. And of course, had to throw some sneakers with this look because that’s usually how I roll when finishing majority of my outfits.

I’ve never been a S/S (mostly summer) person because, honestly, I just hate sweating .-. and I’m miserable when it’s hot outside. Spring I can get away with because it’s still transitioning and I can get a nice breeze, but also content with the weather. And since I’m not in Alabama anymore, I can’t just go the beach whenever I feel like it because it’s not so close to home. So I’m going to enjoy the last bit of cold weather while I can and hope Texas doesn’t get too scorching or ya girl will not be seen outside much.

OH, also! I’ve heard of 21buttons through multiple UK YouTubers I watch and I just recently found out that they have came to the US! So you can download the app here, and also shop my looks like this one here. The app reminds me of Instagram, but you can shop each post instead of just liking and commenting. It’s also another easy way to make a little cash on the side because 1. you don’t have to get accepted to use the app and 2. you can link anything. You can’t beat that, right?!

And as I’m writing this, Coachella is literally right around the corner and I still don’t have my outfits together *face palm* this seems to happen every time music festivals come around and I run out of time to try and coordinate “festival attire” because I’m so indecisive. And I want to stay true to my style, but also not spend an arm and a leg for something that I will only wear one time. So stayed tuned for what I wear and definitely follow me on Instagram to see what I come up with (;

Photos by: Shanelle Hope


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