A graphic tee and jeans will always be my ‘go-to’ look when I don’t know what else to wear and it never fails me. Hence why I own so much of the two. But these jeans from Urban Outfitters were a pair I’ve never seen before and instantly wanted to add it to my non-stop growing collection of denim. They are the brand Ragged Priest and I’ve heard about this brand for a while, but never owned anything from them. I thought the zipper was just for show, but I was proven wrong once I received it in the mail and it is 100% a functional zipper. You can open them up just a tad to make it a wide leg pant or go the whole way and let your entire leg be on show.

As for the shirt – I’ve been lusting over a GUESS tee, or big logo tees in general, and I decided to go with this milennial pink since it was all the rage at the time I was deciding between colors. This is a men’s medium and as you can tell, it is very oversized, but I like all my shirts like this. Comfy enough to wear around the house and also casual enough to wear when going out.


We’ve also shot in this area before, but it was over a year ago and we’re always in need of new scenery. And I don’t think I made a blog post of those photos….so new to you guys! But I’m trying out the new Maybelline SuperStay foundation and I definitely think I got too dark of a shade. *face palm* You can’t tell because the beauty of editing, but it shows in some photos that my face is way darker than my neck. I ran out of my Marc Jacobs remarcable foundation (which I LOVED) and I was looking for a cheaper dupe of it and this one seemed like it would do the job. But I got a darker shade because I mix it with my Too Faced Born This Way foundation and the shade I have is a tad too light for me and the next shade up wasn’t going to work for me either. *sigh* One day I’ll find my perfect shade and won’t have to go through the trouble of mixing multiple ones.

These platforms are originally from Lamoda I believe (back in the day before there was Public Desire or Ego) and I decided to pair them with this outfit because of the white area in my t-shirt. I wanted to stop wearing sneakers with every outfit and change it up a bit. Even though I’m not into heels, and you’re rarely see me wear them, a nice boot or platform would always be my second choice. They’re way more comfortable and easy to walk in.

My sister left these at house when she moved to Texas, so I pull them out every now and then. They are a half size too big, but I feel like my feet have shrunk….or it might just be my imagination. I was a solid 8.5 in every shoe, but now I think an 8 fits me so much better. These give me Spice Girls vibes and definitely give me 2-3 inches more in height and I’m not mad about it. Short girl problems.




Tee – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Shades (similar) – H&M

Earrings (similar) – H&M

📍Downtown Fairhope, AL

Photos by Keyonna Phillips



“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”    – John D. Rockefeller


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