I Am Fresh Music

As bipolar as the weather gets here in Alabama, it decided to be like 50 degrees all this week. *rolls eyes* so this is me trying to stay warm lol finally pulled out my Yeezys for the first time ever since I bought them over a month ago… oops.

My friend Trey (who I met almost a year ago) was in town for the weekend & wanted to snap it up. OF COURSE I SAID YES! He is always on the move & very dedicated to everything he does.

I Am Fresh Music is something he has always been passionate about & speaking so highly of so I’m always here to support! They have some new hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeves t-shirts, etc. & I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but they all have a nice touch of glitter on gold letters. & you already know black & white are always my go-to color choices x]

Check out the site if you have a chance because you won’t regret it!


@iamfreshmusic , @expectthefresh on Instagram


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