Viva Avant Grande: A Jeremy Scott Retrospective

(images above were taken from my Instagram story)
This exhibit was back in February, but I couldn’t just let these pictures go to waste so here I am sharing it 5 months later ‘:) Jeremy Scott is known for his crazy and “out there” designs and I’m allllll the way here for it. The looks showcased were from throughout the years, but of course none of them disappointed. So when I heard he had an exhibit close by, I had to stop by! This would probably be the closest I’ll ever get to a runway show or purchasing myself lol so I hope you guys enjoy few of the many designs like I did throughout the exhibit. DSLR’s weren’t allowed in, so everything was taken on my iPhone XS Max.

They also had other exhibits throughout Dallas Contemporary and these colorful walls kept appearing all over my Instagram feed, so I had to come check it out as well. This was the main reason we went and come to find out, the Jeremy Scott exhibit was in the same place! So I was able to knock out 2-for-one. They had many different variations and color combinations – you were bound to find one that matched your outfit or overall color palette. I’m also intrigued on how they created these because it seemed like they were made from plastic and then melted towards the end to make it look like “lava” in a sense.

Of course it was cooler in February (hence my outfit), but it was probably one of my favorite looks thus far. This look embodies my style perfectly – street style meets modern/contemporary. And this was my first time bringing out my Yeezy’s ever since I purchased them and when lavalbrand reached out wanting to send me an item, I was immediately drawn to this color bumbag because orange was a color I didn’t have. And I just loved how it matched the lettering on my shoes; it’s the little things.

But the day didn’t stop there because I felt like I needed to get a few shots captured on a DSLR of my look so we headed towards Downtown and it was honestly so freakin’ windy D; Parking is always a hassle to find and we were lucky to find a spot on a side street. Got out, shot for like 2 minutes and got back in the car. I can normally deal with cold weather, but when the wind is constantly blowing – it’s time for me to go. I just enjoy outdoor shots vs indoors because lighting tends to always be better depending on what time it is.

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