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I have to say….this is probably my FAVORITE set of pictures I’ve taken in a while! The lighting was perfect, I had tons of options to choose from because of the different backgrounds for variety, it was a good hair day, I had a great time editing them and just so.much.more.┬áIt’s rare that I get so lucky and have an overall great experience. The rain also gave it a nice vibe and, of course, the perfect overcast lighting I needed. And since it is hurricane season for us, everyday is a rainy day and we never really know when it’s going to start and stop. And no, the weather app is never accurate. *rolls eyes*

The bodysuit that I’m wearing is actually a one piece swimsuit! I knew when I saw it in stores, I wasn’t going to wear it as a swimsuit. Because who am I kidding….. I rarely even go to the beach or swimming these days. And the lace detail gave it a sexy look without going overboard in my opinion. These super oversized jeans are one of my tops picks out of my jean collection because of how oversized they are. I know they pretty much take over more than half of my body but that’s okay…. I’m not into tight fitted clothes anyways. Every time I order a t-shirt, I’ll get it about one or two sizes bigger just because I like to have room to move and my armpits to breathe x] and since these pants are so oversized, it’s perfect for the summer because air can circulate through them and keep your legs cool.

Even though it is summer, I really don’t have much of a summer wardrobe. I kind of just stick to pants and a t-shirt or button down and call it a day. I don’t own too many crop tops or shorts and you probably won’t see me in those just because pants are my comfort zone. You should see my drawer that I store all my bottoms…. literally just trousers, track pants, jeans and culottes. I literally have one pair of jeans shorts that I most likely can’t fit anymore and that’s it lol


Photo Credits: Shanelle Hope
instragram – @shanellehope


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  1. Ambragio
    July 25, 2017 / 7:07 PM

    Omg the puddle shot was awesome!!!!

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