Monahans Sandhills

These are some photos I took at the end of October at Monahans Sandhills that I never posted, but still wanted to share. This location is about 5 hours from where we were located at the time and we woke up hella early to make that commute, but boy do I think it was worth it. Sometimes you have to go out of your way just to get those creative juices flowing again – even if it means driving 5 hours to do so. Crazy? Maybe a little, but do what you have to do.

Towards the end of 2018 – I wasn’t at my best, went up and down quite frequently, and pretty much forced myself to do things. I usually don’t like missing out, but my mental state was all out of wack and I just needed time to myself.

Every year seems to have it’s ups and downs, but who doesn’t? You have to go through those hard times to appreciate the good and I had to remind myself that it gets better over time and that healing is not an overnight process.

Creating content was always something that pulled me out of these ‘ruts’ or lows in my life because I could express myself creatively, even if I had to fake a smile, but it got me up and out. So hopefully these photos express that in a way.

2019 – I want to continue to grow creatively and be consistent with putting content out there, whether it be on here, YouTube or Instagram (even though the algorithm sucks these days), and be proud of it. Or not to always be a perfectionist when it comes to my content. I think that’s why I didn’t post as much because I didn’t get the ‘perfect shot’ or it wasn’t taken on a DSLR or my videos had to be well edited in order for people to like it… STOP. Your audience just wants to see whatever you put out and will appreciate whatever it may be.

Also, to not rush where I’m currently at in life to where I think I’m suppose to be. And that’s another thing to remind myself – everyone’s timing is different. I’ll get there when it’s right for me. And I feel like that’s everyone in their 20’s because everything is so glamorized these days and you see everyone around you believe is doing better. But you have no clue what they went through, or how they got there, so comparison isn’t helpful or needed.

I hope 2019 is very kind to you and you accomplish at least one of your goals.

Be kind to others and never let someone tell you you are not capable.

Everything will fall into place, don’t worry.

Your feelings are valid and take all the time you need to heal.

Just small reminders for you and me (:

Photos by Shanelle Hope and Brian Walker.

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