New York Update | School, Adjusting, Etc.

If you didn’t know, I moved to New York about three weeks ago and boyyyy let me tell you about it so far. I started school at The Fashion Institute of Technology for an Associates of Fashion Business Management on Jan 27 and moved into my apartment in Brooklyn on Feb 01. Moving is never fun, especially coming from the South, so of course I am still adjusting and figuring out the flow of the train system. As many times as I’ve been here, I still tend to get loss and my sense of direction doesn’t get any better.

I’m also still trying to get back into the swing of school again because it’s been over three years since I’ve sat in a classroom – can you believe that?! But I do think it’ll be better this time around because it is something I’m interested in and want to dive more into. So I am looking forward to internships to see what I like and don’t like – that’s what it’s all about, right?

My room is a work in progress as I only have a mattress on the floor and the suitcases I came with. I’m going back to AL to pick up everything I left there and then swinging by Dallas to get everything I left with my sister as well. But how am I getting it all here to NY? Well, the cheapest option is to drive it here so 22+ hour roadtrip – HERE WE COME!

A few things I’ve learned:

  • Never forget your headphones/keep phone charged.
  • Leave early because these trains can play you.
  • I’ve become a bag lady.
  • Layering is key.
  • Just a lot of everything (people, places to eat, local shops, opportunities, etc.)
  • Trader Joe’s is always busy.

As you can tell, my room isn’t at it’s full potential and I also do not have much room to work with – which I expected. I have ideas for what I want to do to maximize my space, like under bed storage, wardrobe closet, and clothing rack, because I know having a plethora of clothes can be a bit overwhelming. But once I have everything in front of me, I’ll know what I’m working with then and able to decipher what to do with it all.

I also want to dive more into the social media world and digital creation because it is something that I enjoy doing in my down time. And what better way to get re-inspired than by being in a new location/city! I’m super excited for all the NY content to come and whatever the future has in store for me here. I’m nervous about it all, but have a good feeling in my gut as well. I am also currently job hunting as well because ya know rent has to be paid, but there are so many options for side hustles here – something is bound to come up. So I’m trying to appreciate this quiet time I have right now because I know it’s going to get craaazy busy when it’s all said and done.

A few questions I got on Instagram:

Q: How has this been a learning experience for you?

A: I definitely learned that I am capable of whatever I put my mind to. I thought about making the move/going back to school majority of 2019 – a lot of back and forth, but what better time than right now? If it doesn’t work out, at least I know I gave it a shot. & I DEFINITELY have too much stuff 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 I really wanna work on minimalizing my life in general – especially when I’m working with not as much space as I’m use to.

I.NEED.TO.STOP.EATING.OUT | #youhavefoodathome

Q: Is there a significant difference in cost of living?

A: I think it kind if depends on different factors/what your lifestyle is or budget. For me, I’m paying just about the same as I was in Dallas, but of course I have roommates (which are really sweet btw) & less space. And depending on where I’m going in Manhattan, it can take anywhere from 40mins – 1hr. It does take a lot of research, but you can find reasonable priced apartments outside of the city and it’s a little quieter if you don’t want all that city noise lol

I didn’t want to get too repetitive in this post because I did just upload a video on YouTube with an update as well. So check it out if you have time and also see how I do my normal makeup routine 🙂


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