Over All Champion

I guess I should have posted this set first because this is my natural hair lol in my last post, that was the first time I straightened my hair in a year… (more like 11 months but close enough) I needed my annual trim ;( but this outfit explains my style almost 80% of the time. I like to be comfortable and have room to move around (and eat) without feeling constricted and trapped in tight clothes. Now don’t think I don’t like showing my curves off every now & then, but that’s honestly on the rarest of occasions and never really my first option .-.

My hair is also shorter than this now because of my trim… I just haven’t taken any updated photos with my new length lol I’m slowly trying to chop off the color I have at the end of my hair (which feels like I’ve had for YEARS now) without having to cut it completely off. I’ve had short hair in the past, and by short I mean shoulder length, and omg that was a horrible time in my life. I know it’s just hair and it’ll grow back, but my hair was n e v e r that short. I’ve had long hair basically all of my life and that was a change I just couldn’t accept. So I constantly just wore my hair in a poofy ponytail or bun until it was long enough for me to wear it down again. Dramatic, I know. But now I kind of just own my hair, short or long, because the curls be poppin’ either way. *hair flip*

I’ve also wanted a pair of NMDs for sooooooo long now… preferably olive because that’s my new obsession now (along with pale pink) and Adidas had a pair that released a while back, but they were a little darker I believe, and I found a pair on eBay for double the sale price. I debated on just saving my money and buying those, but something inside of me just told me to wait. And look at God looking out for me because adidas then dropped this pair! They are one of my top favorites when it comes to sneakers by far.

champion long sleeve – urban outfitters // overalls – h&m // shoes – adidas NMD R1

Photo Credits: Shanelle Hope (@shanellehope)


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