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      Welcome to my first post on my blog !!! Ugh I’m so excited to say that, you don’t understand. I’ve been wanting to launch a blog for the L O N G E S T time now and I finally stopped putting it off and just did it. Fashion itself has always been something that sparked my interest and was a creative outlook for me. Whether it’s adhering to new trends, online shopping, scrolling through dozens and dozens of fashion-related themes on instagram, or just the simple joy of creating outfits… whatever it may be, I’m into ALL OF THAT.

But here’s a little background information about me:

My name is Shaneika, but everyone calls me Neika and that’s also what I tell everyone lol I am 23 years old, even though I get that I look 16 all the time, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences for Health Informatics. I was born in Chicago, IL, but I reside in Mobile, AL, and have lived here basically all of my life. I am mixed with Black and Filipino with no fluent language in Tagalog…. all Southern American right here xD

OH, and I have a twin sister lol we’re fraternal, but we get mistaken for each other a l l t h e t i m e .

I would say that I didn’t realize how much I was into fashion until I started college (which was in 2011) because I believe that’s where everyone is able to express themselves without having to wear a uniform… unless you went to a high school that didn’t have uniforms .-. then that changes everything. But believe me, I went through some really ugly stages, as everyone does, and I regret 90% of my outfits back then that I will never reveal T_T

I would describe my style as street style meets chic. I love everything about street style because of the comfort and the room to just be yourself in a nice pair of sneakers and anything oversized. But don’t get me wrong, I do love a good pair of boots or heels with some nice trousers and blouse, a LBD, and the occasional handbag. So I go through those two types interchangeably.

But now onto the most important part…the outfits deets:

top – storets // pants – missguided // rings – anarchy street (‘NEIKA20’ for a discount)

Hope you guys stick around for this journey that I’m SO excited about!

Photo Credits: Shanelle Hope (@shanellehope)


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  1. January 26, 2017 / 4:19 AM

    Good luck with the blog Neika, that 2nd image from the top is killer

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