Thrifted Finds

Going to the thrift store is always a cheaper alternative when trying to build up a new wardrobe, especially this day in age where trends always come and go, and each of them are taking a trip back to the 90’s where being comfortable is the “new thing.” Where it’s okay to wear oversized clothes, and probably what you wore to bed, and no one will say a word. As long as you make it look put together. For the last 4 or 5 years of my life, I’ve always gravitated towards oversized or baggy anything because it’s what I’m most comfortable in. I’ll wear a bodycon dress every now and then or some skinny jeans with a crop top, but for an everyday basis – comfort is key.

I got this entire outfit, except for the bag and shoes, from Goodwill and it probably cost me less than $15 total. F I F T E E N D O L L A R S . Where as Urban Outfitters would probably charge $50 for each piece. That’s $100 for two pieces (+ tax) when you could get 10-15 items at a thrift store depending on where you go and what you get. And don’t get me wrong – I love me some Urban Outfitters, but sometimes I can’t justify paying the price for items that look like it came from a thrift store. And knowing me, I’ll only wear it once or twice and sell it down the line. So why not save some coins??

As for the bag, I was scrolling on Instagram, as I do daily, and came across it on my feed. Clear handbags have been all the rage for a good amount of time as of lately and I see it at least five times throughout the day with a new one that has just hit the market. Whether it be a shopper bag, crossbody, or even a mini like the one I have from Ouai, they definitely took this trend and ran with it. And since they can go up to about 100 bucks, this is a very cheap alternative if you want to test the trend out for yourself before spending the big bucks.

I’ve had these Nike Monarch‘s for a few months now and pulled them freshly out the box a few weeks ago. They remind me of the Nike M2K Teckno‘s in the Phantom Olive/Grey colorway that dropped a while back, but sadly I missed out on those. So when I saw these, once again, while scrolling on my Instagram feed – I knew I couldn’t pass them up. PLUS, they happened to be on sale for $60!


Dad sneakers seem to be sticking around for yet again another season, and more than likely here to stay, so you might as well add a few to your collection. These and my Fila Disruptors are the only “dad sneakers” I have at the moment, but if I were to ever go high end – I’m currently drooling over the Balenciaga Triple S and Gucci Rython Logo sneakers. But again, I can’t justify spending that much money on a pair of sneakers that might not be in style down the line. Even though they are a nice staple to have, I’ll have to think about it a taaaad bit more before splurging. D; and I would be devastated if I were to ever ruin them. So I’ll stick to what I have as of right now and since they are black and white, it’s easy to pair with anything I have in my wardrobe.


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