Who What Wear x Target Collection: May Picks

I have been working with the wonderful gals over the PR of the Who What Wear x Target collection for about 3 months now and they kindly send me some pieces every month (of my choice) to style and post on social media. Since I can’t always post all the photos I take on Instagram, I thought it would be best to make a blog post compilation of the outfits to make it visually easier and in one place! Hope you guys get inspo and, of course, ENJOY. <3

* titles will be shop-able links to all the pieces I chose. *

Leopard Print A Line Skirt

I’ve been really into skirts lately (mostly midi) and you honestly couldn’t get me to wear one last year, let alone a dress. But I really enjoy mixing feminine pieces with sneakers or grunging the look up with masculine pieces as well. As you can tell here, I had to throw my sneakers on and I loved the way it turned out! It’s definitely a more girly look for me, but sometimes I do want that look instead of oversized everything – although I do love a comfy attire.

I met a very sweet angel named Hannah on this day who asked me to be apart of a Women’s Empowerment diversity shoot and of course I said yes! I’m trying to get more out of my comfort zone and actually meet new people because I have very introverted ways that are hard to get out of sometimes.

But you should definitely check her out on Instagram for a very loving feed and if you’re looking for a photographer to shoot events, weddings, couple shoots, etc. And I’m sure she can accommodate any ideas you have in mind if you just ask 😉

I’ve probably have had this top from Zara for about 2 years now and this was my first time wearing it. *face palm* I got it in Houston during either the summer or winter sale they had going on at the time and was SUPER excited to find it because I saw so many people wearing it. It was definitely less than $20, but the only problem is that it’s a size M. I don’t have the biggest boobs so it doesn’t fill it out properly, but I thought I’d keep it for a layering piece as well if I’m feeling daring one day.

We also shot this at a Studio located downtown Dallas called The Lumen Room. They have multiple rooms you can book online and, I believe, it’s $75/hr – which isn’t too bad if you’re shooting with your friends and everybody can just split the cost. And they also have props in the room as well!

Jacey Faux Leather Pumps

This was the Sunday before Memorial Day and Nelle and I decided to go to the Farmers Market, since we never been to the outdoor part, and also get some Jerk Chicken from one of our favorite spots called Caribbean Cabana. We usually share a platter that comes with 2 pieces of jerk chicken and 2 choices of sides. Depending on how hungry we are, we’ll just add 2 extra pieces and another side of rice – which comes to about $30 total. Definitely recommend 10/10.

I knew I wanted to go very neutral with this look because of the tones in the print of the shoes and they needed to be the star piece. I was debating on wearing black, but I thought it would look more clean with a white pant instead. I loved how this look turned out as well because all the different shades coincided with each other very well.

And most of the time I can’t link pieces because I hold onto lots of older pieces (or it’s thrifted) I keep in my wardrobe that I feel I will wear over time. If you remember this top, it was very popular some years back from Brandy Melville. I saw this top EVERYWHERE and since I didn’t have a Brandy, or even Nordstrom near me, my only option was to get it online. But I believe Keke and I got the same top when we went to LA one year and I’ve held onto it ever since. As for the purse, it’s from Zara from 3-4 years ago and again, I saw this in so many Zara hauls I watched on YouTube that I just waited until Black Friday to finally get it when they have a certain percent off site-wide.

Floral Print Mid-Rise Seamed A-Line Slip Skirt

This is probably my favorite look out of all of them because it’s the look that most fits me. Everyone knows I love my street style, so having this floral midi skirt throws in that feminine touch I’ve been trying to slowly get in touch with. The skirt is definitely the statement piece in this look and I knew I wanted to play with colors so I chose these sneakers I got from Urban Outfitters about a year ago. I think they compliment each other well without being too overbearing.

This was on a Saturday where Nelle and I didn’t have any plans and wanted to explore a little. We went back to now one of our favorite little coffee shops called La La Land Kind Cafe in Lower Greenville. It is set up in what it looks like an old house with this yellow car right outside the front. We really enjoy the Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte (iced) and, of course, I get an iced Chai Latte anywhere I go. They also have this chocolate chunk cookie that’s really good!

We had went prior to taking these photos and I took a photo in front of the car already, but it was the only place I could think of that would match my shoes perfectly! Oops. Lol

If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend just strolling in the Lower Greenville area! There are so many food places, and also shops as well, you’re bound to find something you like. And even if you just want to spend some time outdoors, this is a good street to do it on. One of my favorite ice cream shops called Creamistry is located here and I go every chance I get! It’s kind of like liquid nitrogen, but more creamier than ice cream…..? I can’t think of any other way to explain it lol so I guess you’re just going to have to try it for yourself 😉

I just purchased this top from Kith not too long ago from their summer collection for women’s and I’m obsessed with it D; it’s the perfect basic for the warmer weather and can be worn with everything. Kith is probably one of my favorite brands at the moment because of the quality and unique pieces they release.

This is definitely my go-to summer look, along with flowy dresses and longer shorts that are almost to my knees, but it’s honestly too hot for anything right now. I know I don’t want anything in my pits or too tight on my skin, so midi skirts are the way to go! I’ll always pair sneakers with any outfits, but that was a given, and I have a few slides I can wear as well, but it’ll be the same rotation throughout the entire summer.

I hope you guys got a little outfit inspo from this post as I’m trying to create more looks outside of what I normally wear! If it were up to me, I would just wear a t-shirt and shorts all summer – but I like to explore other styles and incorporate them into my personal style to see what I come up with!


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